Congress Heights

Art All Night: The Art of Chocolate City


Congress Heights is where Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Avenues meet and is the heart of DC’s city soul. It is vibrant, full of character and full of plentiful life.


Founded in 1890, community roots run deep here. The South East neighborhood nurtures and celebrates its vibrant African American heritage and culture with pride. Home to many locally grown artist, Congress Heights is rapidly gaining recognition as the center for African American art culture and entrepreneurship in DC.


Described as “big-hearted,” the hometown energy that makes this locale so distinct is built on its support for local arts and entrepreneurs; focus on empowering youth; and honoring the elders of the community.


Welcoming visitors and new neighbors, Congress Heights is committed to the kind of growth that strengthens community connections and fuels opportunities for all residents.


Welcome to the Soul of the City – Congress Heights.